Overview Edit

Wizards or Elder Wizards are units in Epic War 1, 2, 5, and Saga.

Epic War 1 Edit

In Epic War 1, Wizards cost 100 mana to send out. They move pretty slowly.

Level 1Edit

Health: 200

Power: 6x4

Cost to Unlock: 4000 exp

Level 2Edit

Health: 240

Power: 7x4

Cost to Unlock: 5500 exp

Level 3Edit

Health: 260

Power: 8x4

Cost to Unlock: 7000 exp

Level 4Edit

Health: 320

Power: 9x4

Cost to Unlock: 9500 exp

Level 5Edit

Health: 400

Power: 12x4

Cost to Unlock: 11000 exp

Epic War 2 Edit

In Epic War 2, Wizards are part of the human race, and they shoot electricity. They cost 400 mana to send out, 280 health and 70 power at level 1, 300 health and 80 power at level 2, and 320 health and 90 health at level 3.

Epic War 5 Edit

In Epic War 5, they are called Elderly Wizards, and attack with dark magic. They are unlocked after defeating Lich in Level 2.

Epic War Saga Edit

In Epic War Saga, they are called Elder Wizards, and attack with water element, but use ice, and cost 3 mana to send out. For more information click here.