Tyrant Lord Baal
Tyrant Lord Baal is a boss in Epic War 4

Epic War 4Edit

Tyrant Lord Baal appears in Challenge 3, Tyrant Lord Baal has alot of health but has no threat to your castle because Tyrant Lord Baal is too far from the castle to do damage to it. To defeat Tyrant Lord Baal, on normal mode Tyrant Lord Baal takes damage from any unit and hero, you can use invincibility to get up to Tyrant Lord Baal and damage Tyrant Lord Baal a bit, then wait for your units and heroes to respawn and repeat the process until Tyrant Lord Baal is defeated. He can also easily (but slowly) be withered down by the Arrow Tower. In hard mode Tyrant Lord Baal resists many units, and in epic mode absorbs many attacks. In hard or epic mode a good way to defeat Tyrant Lord Baal is to use these units: Sky Dragon, Celestial Angel, Centaur Archer, Elf Sniper, Succubus, and Ka-boom! Use these heroes: Popo the Epic Dwarf, Simon the Magician, and Cassandra the Queen. Use these spells: Comet strike (to detonate the enemy Ka-boom! units before they get too close to your castle), and invincibility.

He is very similar to the Lord of Hell from EW2 and 5.