The Lord of Hell is the final boss of Epic War 2. He also appears in Epic War 5 as the antagonist and playable unit.

Epic War 2Edit

The Lord of Hell appears after destroying the final castle in stage 18. He is the final boss in Epic War 2. He has 3,200,000 hp and 1,000 attack points. If any of your troops are standing to close to him it will trigger a ground pound which does 500 damage to your castle each time he does the ground pound. Unlike Overlord Guah-Hajj and The End, The Lord of Hell stays at the right side of the screen and doesn't move. The fastest way to beat him is to use Dragons (it is also recommended to use one, and only one Angel Soldier to keep the other enemies at bay). After Overlord Guah-Hajj and The End failed to stop you, The Lord of Hell takes matters into his own hands, but he also fails!

The boss absorbs all magic and ranged damage done to him, healing him. So use only melee units on him.

Lord of Hell in Epic War 2. He makes his first appearence in this game.

Epic War 5Edit

In Epic War 5, The Lord of Hell appears as an unit, the primary antagonist in the game and is the final boss in the main story line in stage 12. He reappears in the Third Trial stage with his kin fighting with his side. Unlock him by winning every single battle.

Epic War Saga Edit

The Lord of Hell appears again in Epic War Saga as the Chapter 10 boss. Although his info says "Epic War Saga final boss" the Final boss is actually The End, or if Cave of Trials are counted The End of Hope (also known as Nemesis). The reason for this is because The Lord of Hell was originally going to be the final boss, but it was changed later.