The End EW1&2

The End in Epic War 1 and 2

The End is the final boss of Epic War 1, Epic War Saga and second to last in Epic War 2. In Epic War 3, there is a The End "achievement" for beating and unlocking the Lord of Shadows. In Epic War Legends it is a card that can be in the players army, making him a unit for the first time.

Epic War 1Edit

In Epic War 1 The End is the only boss, and he appears after destroying the final castle in stage 15. When the castle is destroyed other enemies will spawn but the strongest will be the Troll. The End has 250,000 hp and 666 attack points (the number of Satan) . His appearance is the same as the enemies castle.

Epic War 2Edit

In Epic War 2 The End is the second/second to last boss (there are three boss fights). The End appears after destroying the castle in stage 17. The End has 999,000 hp and 999 attack points. In Epic War 2 he is The Lord of Hell's creation. The Lord of Hell also had a demon that he fed to The End. After Overlord Guah-Hajj failed, The Lord of Hell sent The End to stop you, however he failed too. The Lord of Hell might have ressurected The End from Epic War 1, but there is no proof.

Epic War Saga Edit

The End appears again in Epic War Saga as the boss in 12-5, and 12-6. He looks and attacks much differently than the previous Epic War games. He attacks with a large hand that does ludicrous damage if it hits dead on, and very high damage if hits indirectly. He cannot hit anyone too close to him, so spamming with goblin+ and raging takes a while but it works, especially with Dragon Steak Barbeques.

Epic War Legends Edit

In Epic War Legends The End was the Raid Boss reward for Raid 23 as the Elite Legendary. He is fire element and has three skills: Venom Touch, Volcano Fist, and Omni Slash. For more information click here. His appearance is similar from Epic war 2.