The Shadow Goblin is a boss in Epic War 4, and is an unusable troop in Epic War Saga (however the player can have shadow goblins fight on their side using Lilith's attack "Charming Smile").

Epic War 4Edit

In Epic War 4, the shadow goblin is a boss in Challenge I (Stage XIII), Goblin Madness, and is super strong much like the Invisible Frog in Epic War 3. However, unlike the Invisible Frog, the Shadow Goblin isn't completely invincible, and can be hurt by the Sky Dragon or Meteor.

Epic War SagaEdit

In Epic War Saga the Shadow Goblin is a "True_Fire" unit, and is not useable. They are very fast, but not very useful (they do 300% damage to wind units, but only do 1% damage to all other units, including void units).