Overview Edit

The Power Goblins are a group of goblins and they wear powered armor suits. They are based off of the Power Rangers, and they appear in Epic War 5, Saga, and Legends.

Epic War 5 Edit

In Epic War 5, The Power Goblins appear in Extra 6, Trial 2, and Trial 4. They are enemies in Extra 6, and Trial 2, but allies in Trial 4. There is a Green, Blue, Yellow, Purple, and Red goblin who all have different effects when they attack. In Extra 6, only the Red Goblin has to be defeated, and in Trial 2, none of them have to be defeated. They have a distinct theme that plays when they are enemies, that also plays in Trial 5, against the end of hope. When they are allies in Trial 4, they are weaker, but still stronger than the other goblins.

Epic War Saga Edit

In Epic War Saga, the Power Goblins are playable in a vehicle that can transform into an attacking robot. They are refereed to as Power Go Goblin. Their robot attacks with electricity, fire, and wind, however these attacks actually have no element despite having status effects; although the "wind" attack freezes. The Purple Power Goblin was replaced with a Black Power Goblin in this game. For more information click here.

Epic War Legends Edit

In Epic War Legends, the Power Goblins are called Goblin Ranger X. They are Legendary units and attack with Lightning. For more information click here.