Overlord Guah-Hajj EW2

Overlord Guah-Hajj

Overlord Guah-Hajj is a boss who only appears in Epic War 2, he is the first boss of the game. A good strategy to use against him is to spam hobbits and Paladins, Elf Protectors and Beast Riders (Depending on your race). The hobbits will stop him and make him attack while the other stronger units are attacking him. A strongly recommended unit for this fight is the Angel Soldier.

Without the Angel Soldier, it is recommended the player use Totems to blow up the revenge waves.

Epic War 2Edit

Overlord Guah-Hajj is a white toad demon who appears after destroying the castle in stage 16. He has 350,000 hp and 350 attack points. The Lord of Hell sent him to stop your army, but he failed. The Lord of Hell did not expect him to die, but he was prepared. He had someone else ready.