This is about the unit Orc in Epic War 1. If you want the race, go to Orcs.


Orcs are the second unit in the game of Epic War 1. They appear in the first battle as well, and it usually takes 2 - 3 not upgraded hobbits to kill one. Although the orc is weak, it's main job is to kill hobbits. It's basically the enemy equivalent of a Light Elf.

Epic War 1Edit

The orc may be weak, but can pose a threat if not enough troops are nearby. However, the arrow tower can handle an orc without problems.

Level 1Edit

Health: 70

Power: 15

Appears in Battles: 1-3

Level 2Edit

Health: 84

Power: 18

Appears in Battles: 4-5

Level 3Edit

Health: 98

Power: 21

Appears in Battles: 6

Level 4Edit

Health: 119

Power: 25

Appears in Battles: 7

Level 5Edit

Health: 140

Power: 30

Appears in Battles: 8-15


  • The orc, like the goblin, appears in the first battle.
  • The orc has metal armor on, but it looks like it provides no protection.