Mana is used a a form of currency in the games. It is not present in Epic War Legends, or VI, but is in all the other games.

Epic War 1 Edit

In Epic War 1, mana is used to summon units. The player can increase their maximum mana by upgrading their mana stock, and by using the skill Mana Boost. The mana stock upgrade caps at 1000 mana, so players must use Mana Boost to increase it past there, however the mana still caps at 9999, with no way to increase it past that.

Epic War 2 Edit

Mana is used for the same purpose as in Epic War 1 for this game. Unlike Epic War 1, there is no mana stock upgrade, but unlike that game, the players starting mana increases in every level. The maximum mana is 9999, which can only be reached with the Mana Boost skill.

Epic War 3 Edit

In Epic War 3, mana is used differently than the previous two games. Mana is not used to summon units, but is instead used to equip units and skills. The mana is increased by playing further, therefore getting more exp.

Epic War 4 Edit

In Epic War 4, mana is used to use skills. To increase mana, the player can buy an upgrade, which caps mana at 400.

Epic War 5 Edit

Like Epic War 4, in this game, mana is used to use skills. Unlike the previous games, there is no way to increase mana. Mana maximum is always 100.

Epic War Saga Edit

Like Epic War 1, and 2, mana in Epic War Saga is used to send out units, but unlike those games, there are seperate mana bars for units and skills. All of the mana is depleted when the player uses any unit or skill, regardless of how much it cost, but some mana is put into the skill section when using a unit, or the unit section when using a skill, depending on how much mana the player had when it was used. The skill Transfer can be used to put even more mana into the unit section, but only 2 out of the 22 heroes have access to it, and both cost crystals.