Overview Edit

Golems are relatively powerful but slow units available in Epic War 1, 5, Saga, Legends, and VI.

Epic War 1 Edit

In Epic War 1, golems are the player equivalent of centaurs, thus they along with blue dragons, and angels cannot be thrown in the air.

Level 1Edit

Health: 700

Power: 70

Cost to Unlock: 6000 exp

Level 2Edit

Health: 840

Power: 84

Cost to Unlock: 7500 exp

Level 3Edit

Health: 979

Power: 98

Cost to Unlock: 9000 exp

Level 4Edit

Health: 1120

Power: 112

Cost to Unlock: 11000 exp

Level 5Edit

Health: 1400

Power: 140

Cost to Unlock: 12500 exp

Epic War 5 Edit

In Epic War 5, golems are unlocked by getting all of the upgrades for the hero.

Epic War Saga Edit

In Epic War Saga, golems are called Stone Guardians, and are bought from the Earth Temple, cost 800 crystals, and cost 6 mana to send out. For more information, click here.

Epic War Legends Edit

In Epic War Legends, golems are Earth element, and Epic Units. For more information click here.

Epic War VI Edit

In Epic War VI, golems can be bought with the hero Popo.