Fire Demon

The Fire Demon is a titan who appears in Epic War 3, Epic War 4, Epic War 5 as Inferno, and in Epic War Saga. The Fire Demon also appears in Epic War 1 as an unusable troop, and in Epic War 2 as a normal troop, in games after Epic War 3, it can also move while attacking, but seems to die quicker than the other titans. The Fire Demon is also the boss in Epic War 3's Cave of Trial 1, and is the boss in Epic War 5's Extra Stage 8.

Epic War 1Edit

In Epic War 1, they are called Arch Devils and they are not usable. They start to appear on Stage 9 of Epic War 1.

Epic War 2Edit

In Epic War 2 they are called Flame Devils and are unlocked after defeating The Lord of Hell. They start to appear on Stage 12 of Epic War 2. They look the same as in EP1 but their attack animation is different.

Epic War 3Edit

In Epic War 3, they are called Fire Demons, and look much different. They are unlocked by completing Cave of Trial 1, and the Fire Demon also appears in the battle with the final castle if the final battle is against Viegraf the Red, or Rembrant the Bloody. They now attack by turning into a fiery tornado.

Epic War 4Edit

In Epic War 4, the Fire Demon needs to be purchased, instead of unlocked. There is also the Efreet Lord in the Final Challenge level on Hard Mode that you fight, but cannot unlock. They are the same as in EP3 but with added sound effects.

Epic War 5Edit

In Epic War 5, the Fire Demon is called Inferno, and is unlocked by defeating The End of Hope in Trial 5. You also fight Inferno as a boss in Extra Stage 8. They look similar to how they looked in EP3 and 4.

Epic War SagaEdit

In Epic War Saga they are called Flame Devils like in Epic War 2, but attack and look like the ones from Epic War 3. There is a boss called Efreet Lord.