Epic War Legends

Epic War Legends Title Screen

Epic War Legends, previously known as Epic War CCG (Collectible Card Game) was the seventh Epic War game after Epic War Saga, and before Epic War VI.

Gameplay Edit

Epic War Legends was vastly different from any of the previous Epic War games. It was more of an RPG than a Strategy game. Players chose one of six heroes at the beginning, and there was a cost to change the hero. Players also equipped a main and reserve army; if a troop died the troop in the reserve would take over. Players clicked to walk, which depleted energy, and all events on their way were mandatory, except for vs PvP. During the battles players had no control, instead all troops including the hero attacked automatically until all troops on one side died, or the battle timed out (which the timer was not displayed).

Trivia Edit

  • On May 29th 2017, the servers for Epic War Legends went down, giving and "Unknown Game ID" error, now making this game impossible to play. The exact reason is unknown. The game was removed from Kongregate on an unknown date.

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