Epic War 5

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Epic War 5 (or Epic War 5: Hell's Gate, or Epic War V: Hell's Gate) is the fifth game of the Epic War series. After people experienced Epic War 4, not much played it at first. More people played it eventually, but was still down rated under Epic War 2. Overall though, Epic War 5 received a higher rating then Epic War 3 and 4. A main problem with Epic War 5 was how the exp was useless when all the upgrades were bought. Epic War 5 includes a inventory system, and a exp system, allowing units to upgrade different abilities, including Damage, Health, and Population.

There are a variety of units in Epic War 5. Some units are unlocked beating levels, extras and trials; but the more powerful units are unlocked finished achievement.


Viegraf the Red, Queen Etheriea, Skull Knight

1) Hobbit: Mid HP Dmg 80/15, Max HP Dmg 140/50


  • Epic War 5 is the last Epic War game to use the traditional loading screen.
  • This is the only Epic War game so far to have actual spoken dialog.