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Epic War 3 (or Epic War 3: War of Heroes) is the third game of the Epic War series. At first it gained lots of fame for it being released, but after a while people started complaining "This isn't the epic war way!" Epic war 3 is not as popular as Epic War 2, but still has a lot of fame. Epic War 4 was made basically about the same as Epic war 3, having fame for Epic War going down. However, Epic War 3 had the hero Viegraff, that has been in all of the Epic War games since. The game has around 13 million plays on kongregate, but it's popularity decreased

The game is different from the previous ones by the fact that mana is now how many cards (unit types) you can have at a time, the cards have a population max i.e 35 goblins or less only there are 7 slots for cards. the arrow tower was taken out of this game

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