Epic War 1 Intro

Epic War 1 Main Menu.


Epic War 1 is the first game of the Epic War series. Although at first it didn't gain too much attention, its fame rised quickly, which continued the Epic War series. Epic War 1 doesn't have up-to-date graphics, but many still play the game. It is by far one of the most popular games on Kongregate and other sites.


  • Hobbit (costs 5 mana)
  • Elf Warrior (costs 10 mana)
  • Dwarf Elder (costs 25 mana)
  • Wizard (costs 100 mana)
  • Golem (costs 300 mana)
  • Blue Dragon (costs 2500 mana)
  • Arch Angel (costs 4000 mana)


  • Goblin (first appears on stage 1) 50 health
  • Orc (first appears on stage 1) 70 health
  • Ogre (first appears on stage 2) 240 health
  • Troll (first appears on stage 3) 540 health
  • Centaur (first appears on stage 6) 1300 health
  • Red Dragon (first appears on stage 6) 3000 health
  • Arch Devil (first appears on stage 9) 5200 health
  • The End (final boss, only appears after destroying the final castle on stage 15) 250000 health


  • This is the only Epic War game so far where the player cannot use goblins.
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