Overview Edit

Centaurs are units in Epic War 1, 3, 4, 5, Saga, Legends, and VI. Both male and female variants have appeared over the course of the games.

Epic War 1 Edit

In Epic War 1, Centaurs are the enemy equivalent of Golems, and cannot be thrown in the air along with Dragons, and Arch Devils. They can stun their enemies like the Dwarf, Which is something that the Golem cannot do. It is probably the male version that appears in this game.

Level 1Edit

Health: 600

Power: 50

Appears in Battles: 6-7

Level 2Edit

Health: 720

Power: 60

Appears in Battles: 8

Level 3Edit

Health: 840

Power: 70

Appears in Battles: 9

Level 4Edit

Health: 1020

Power: 85

Appears in Battles: 10

Level 5Edit

Health: 1200

Power: 100

Appears in Battles: 11-15

Epic War 3 Edit

In Epic War 3, Centaur Archers appear. They are Earth element, and the female version.

Epic War 4 Edit

In Epic War 4, Centaur Archers appear again, they are again the female version.

Epic War 5 Edit

In Epic War 5, Centaur Lancers appear, and are the male version. They are unlocked after beating Level 5, or at the beginning with the hero Queen Etheriea.

Epic War Saga Edit

In Epic War Saga, Centaur Archers who are female, and Centaur Lancers who are male version, both appear. They both attack with wind element. The Centaur Archers cost 3 mana, and the Centaur Lancers cost 2 mana. They both can be bought from the wind temple, and Centaur Archers can also be bought from the monster lab. For more information on the Centaur Archers click here, and for more information on the Centaur Lancers click here.

Epic War Legends Edit

In Epic War Legends, Centaur Girls who are obviously female, and George T Centaur who by the name is obviously male, both appear. They are both Earth element, and are Rare units. for more information on Centaur Girls click here, and for more information on George T Centaur click here.

Epic War VI Edit

In Epic War VI, Centaur Lancers can be bought with the hero Sadron. The male version appears in this game.