Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon

The Blue Dragon is a troop who appears in Epic War 1, and Epic War 3 as a titan. They also appear in Epic War Saga as a Sea Serpent. The Blue Dragon is also the boss in Epic War 3's Cave of Trial 2.

Epic War 1Edit

In Epic War 1, the Blue Dragon costs 2500 mana to summon, 20000 exp to unlock, and is your troop equivalent to the enemy's Red Dragon, that first appears in stage 6 of the game. It is recommended that you farm exp and unlock the Blue Dragon before you take on stage 6. It is also stronger then the enemies Red Dragon.

Epic War 3Edit

In Epic War 3, the Blue Dragon is unlocked by completing Cave of Trial 2, and the Blue Dragon appears in the battle with the final castle if the final battle is against Gald the Conqueror, or Abe Mukanaga.

Epic War SagaEdit

In Epic War Saga, they are called Sea Serpents, and have water element. For more information click here.